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sands lifestyle challenge
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Sands Lifestyle Challenge

Team Talk before Start

  • First Composition test.
  • Program introduction, basic nutrition, exercise, support system and Q&A.

Nutrition Program

  • Help you to eat whole healthy foods.
  • Elimination diet to help you identify if certain food groups (like grains & dairy) are causing a negative impact on your health by removing them from your diet during the challenge.
  • Help you to cut out certain foods like added sugar.

Exercise Program

  • Help build consistency in exercise.
  • Sands classes.
  • Home workouts.

Mobile Application

  • Track progress through the challenge.
  • Points awarded for completed tasks.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Helps increase accountability.

Support System

  • Email resources sent every 3 days during the challenge including recipes and useful articles.
  • WhatsApp support group including advice from our nutritionist.
  • Email Q&A support.

Challenge close-out

  • Team meet and final composition test at the end of the challenge.
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