You don’t know who you inspire


This week you will have seen our member, Tony G, featured on our Instagram. I decided to feature Tony with his slogan T-shirt because it stopped me in my tracks that morning. I was impressed, proud, “chuffed”, to see him turn up to class wearing it. The slogan on his T-shirt said ‘Strongest. Dad. Ever.’ Praise indeed! The T-shirt was a birthday gift from his daughters. His daughters believe that their Dad is the strongest ever and their pride in him touched me.


Tony works hard, in case you hadn’t heard, he has recently mastered his muscle up 😉 And we see his strength every session that he trains at the gym. But his daughters, although they may have visited the box a handful of times, their belief and pride comes from what he takes home with him. Not just his physical appearance which is of course always changing and improving, but his attitude, his belief in what he’s doing, him sharing the knowledge and positivity he gains from the box with his family.


It got me thinking.. We don’t know who we inspire. Our box is energetic, fun, positive and family friendly and we are proud of that. As coaches, it fills us with happiness when we see members, encouraging each other, working together, laughing together and enjoying our second home. But even with all this positivity, comes self-doubt. “My lifts should be heavier” “‘X’ was faster”… We must try to remember to not get hung up on the things we still struggle with and actually celebrate the things we succeed at because someone, whether it be a fellow box member, a family member, a friend, a colleague or another parent in the school yard, SOMEONE is looking at us, thinking “wow!” We inspire, all of us, in some way.


Coach Bex