Why is weightlifting important for my Fitness Journey?

Why is weightlifting important for my Fitness Journey?

There are many methods to getting fit, and as many opinions as there are people are still out there doing it. I will not try to tell any of you what will get you fittest the fastest because if I have learned anything in my fitness journey, it is that everything works to some degree and most things work different for different people. In other words, you cannot say that one method is wrong and another is right.


With that being said, we can look at the science behind fitness and try to determine some guidelines for what people should implement in their workout routines.
If we are looking for overall fitness, meaning nothing too specific, weightlifting should be the heart of every ones workout routine. When lifting external weights, whether that be Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Medballs or slam balls, we better ourselves in several ways:


  • Increased Bone Density, which in turn makes our body more resilient to breaking. Imagine being 70 years old and slipping in the shower. Most normal 70 year olds would properly break a hip or a wrist/arm in the fall. Having increased bone density could prevent any such breakage and leave you walking away from the fall with nothing more than some bruising.


  • Increased Muscle Mass has multiple benefits. More muscle mass will increase your daily caloric consumption without you having to do anything and it will protect your body from breaking easily and let you recover faster from injuries. Increased muscle mass will, almost always, lead to increased power output and increased general strength.


  • Increased Coordination happens when you repeatedly move external object around you. You will become more aware of how your body moves around these objects and by practicing, it will become second nature to do very complex movements.


  • Increased Explosive Power will allow you to move heavier weights faster through space and ultimately allow you to reach those super heavy Clean and Jerks and Snatches.


  • General Strength will be obtained through increased muscle mass and you will feel stronger in your everyday life. Tasks like carrying the groceries from your car to your home will just be another easy farmers carry. Taking a box from the floor and putting it on the top shelf will be another easy clean and press. Throwing your kids safely in the air and catching them is just another combination of a kettlebell swing and wallball shot.


All this being said the best fitness will always be the fitness you find interesting and fun! Find something you like doing and stick with it. If this is not lifting weights, that is completely okay, but you should always strive to implement some form of weightlifting. Chances are that lifting a bit of weights on the side will help you heaps when practicing the sport or fitness of your choice.


Go out there, lift some weights and be the strongest you that you possibly can!

Coach Mikkel