What is your Health Wealth?

Hi everybody, hope you enjoyed the break over Eid and if you are away for the summer have a great time.



In this blog, I want to get really honest and use my 8+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry to help you stop wasting your time and also money.



Health and fitness is very simple and I am sure if I asked 30 people in the street who differ in gender, body shape, religion, career etc, all of them would be able to give at least a couple of points on how to stay fit and healthy (avoid junk food and exercise would be pretty common I’d imagine). So if people know this, why are they still worried about developing heart disease or wondering why they don’t have a 6 pack; why are they not doing what they know is right?



Having been in the industry for such a long time and having worked with many different people, I’d make an educated guess that most have probably gone to a gym regularly and tried a new diet plan, that perhaps their friend told them about, for approximately 2 weeks and then stop because it is not sustainable or they didn’t see any results (this is general but I bet it’s pretty close).



Imagine that your body is a bank account, when you eat junk food, drink 5 beers, miss a gym session, smoke a cigarette, these are withdrawals from your body’s bank account (we know this is bad for us I don’t need to go into detail)



On the flip side, when you exercise for 45 minutes, eat a nutritious meal, sleep 8 hours a night, drink plenty of water, these are all deposits into your body’s bank account.



Think about it now and ask yourself what is the wealth of your body’s bank account. This could be measured in all sorts of ways, such as weight, body fat, fitness level, blood pressure etc.



-Are you someone who is keeping that balance, by ensuring you have made the regular deposits so that you are able to make those withdrawals when you want, without going into health debt?

-Are you someone who makes a total sacrifice and has a lot of wealth saved up because you don’t make regular withdrawals? (Like a competitive athlete).

-Are you someone who is making regular withdrawals having a great time, using health, money you haven’t earned yet and just about making repayments each month which is leading you on a slippery slope?



I came up with this analogy myself (it might be out there already, but I haven’t read it anywhere) and it makes a lot of sense and whilst there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to do things, I would urge you to think about this analogy next time you realise you haven’t reached the body or fitness level you desire.



Imagine someone who wants to lose weight and tone up trains 2 days a week, which is a deposit into their health account, however they then reward themselves with a ‘cheat day’ (which I see time and time again), have they really earned enough Health Wealth to enjoy a cheat day without affecting their health income? First off, only exercising 2 times a week will only get you 2 x a week results. Secondly, you are making withdrawals from having a cheat day before you have even got anywhere. If you are someone who is already overweight, no matter who you are, you are unlikely to lose any weight this way.



Now if you have a particular goal that you want achieve, for example lose body fat or increase lean muscle, then you need to realise that that costs Health money and needs to be earned. You need to look at the long term plan of how you will get there and stay there- otherwise it would be like getting a pay rise at work only to go back to your previous salary a few months later.



Imagine exercise is your salary, which gets deposited into your account each month- it’s continuous and it always goes in (unless you don’t show up of course). Your position or salary generally doesn’t increase after a couple of months, it increases through getting a promotion which is showing consistent hard work over a longer period. You could work extremely hard over the first 2 months but still not get that promotion. Relate this back to the gym, how can you expect to get immediate results when you haven’t spent the time putting the consistent effort in?



If you are serious about your particular goal, you will have to make sacrifices


This is something I could talk all day about, but hopefully I have got my point across. If you would like to ask any questions, come and speak to me in the gym or email me at


Joff Bunt

Head Coach

CrossFit Sands