What are you Training For!?

Why have you chosen to do CrossFit? How long have you been doing CrossFit? Are you enjoying your
training? Have you achieved everything you want to? Could you or should you be doing more?

These are all questions you’ll be asking yourself throughout your CrossFit journey. Don’t worry, myself and
all your coaches will deal with the same questions. There will be times you have all the motivation in
the world to train hard, watch your nutrition and be consistent doing it. There will also be many
times that you lose focus and start to question why. Having been in the CrossFit game for almost 7
years I have seen people come and go for various reasons. We get it, life happens and sometimes
people fall out of love with a certain style of training. The beauty of CrossFit is that it should be
forever varied and allow you to continually progress. Here are a few ways to keep the spark lit…


Trust you coaches!
We will guide you to the best of our ability whenever you step foot in the gym. The way we program
isn’t for instant adaptation and gratification but more so looking towards the future. My original
coach said something that has stuck with me since the beginning. He said this was a never-ending
process. You will always be wanting to chase more, whether that is your first Muscle Up or stringing
10 together. You will always want 1 more rep, 1kg heavier or 1 second faster. There is never a point
where you will say “Yeh I think I’m fit enough now.” So let your coaches know what you want to
work on (That’s our job, take advantage of us in the hour). Whether that is extra skills or
individualizing each workout to suit your goals. Come in with a plan and execute!


Understand the Process
The quicker you learn that movements and skills don’t happen overnight the better you will get. I
have seen in the past and constantly see individuals trying movements before they are ready. The
most common one is the ring muscle up. The whole “I haven’t practiced any of the skills but I’m
going to try one anyway.” This is a recipe for disaster! Not only being susceptible to injury but also
the constant deflation of failure. It is rare to see someone take a step back and work on the skills and
pieces needed to complete the movement. Accept that you may not see change for weeks or even
months! It is disrespectful to think that you deserve it when you haven’t put the work in. Earn your


What to do when Motivation is low?
If you have been doing CrossFit for a few years now you will know that motivation will drop. For
myself this happens about twice a year. I have built an awareness of when it might happen and what
to do when it happens. When this happens I try to train a normal amount of times per week but my
intensity is reduced (3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off). I might plan to do a 5 round workout
but 3 rounds in I might call it. I work on skills that are odd and I haven’t practiced for a while. I mix
up my training as much as possible by doing different activities or even trying different
strength/gymnastic or conditioning programs. But the bottom line is….just keep moving!


Coach Tom