So, whether you’re a regular or a complete newbie, you will know or at least have heard about strength training. You will likely be familiar with the equipment and probably have thrown the barbell around a fair amount already. If you are a woman, you know that lifting won’t make you bulky! And you know that strength training will help you to meet your goals, no matter what they are. Lifting weights can be the most efficient plan for weight loss and generally, a strong body is a healthy body.

As far as Olympic lifting is concerned, we practice the lifts during our classes and we program them in our WODs, we should be getting stronger but getting the technique right can be difficult and sometimes learning something new can be daunting. We still see people opting out of the lifting and hitting the cardio WODS instead and whilst we understand this choice if you are injured, we would encourage you to change your habits if you can.

From my personal experience (you may know that I have been following the competitors program), I have found that having set programming that focuses on lifting has benefitted me hugely. The different drills I have been forced to learn and become comfortable with, the waves, the volume – I am loving it! Over the last 8 weeks, my strength has increased and my lifting technique is noticeably better. Also, I can see that my body looks different, I feel healthier, stronger (but definitely not bulkier) and way more confident.

I would encourage you to try the Beginners Weightlifting sessions that you would have seen announced this week. They are at no extra cost to your membership but the small classes give you extra time with the coach, extra guidance, extra attention and a more comprehensive breakdown of the lifts.

If the classes are not at a convenient time for you, consider some Level Up sessions. Both male and female coaches are available.



Coach Bex.