Weightlifting & Accessories

When it comes to Weightlifting and CrossFit in general we are all very much into getting the best, the newest and the most hardcore equipment out there. In this blog post I will try to sort out what is absolutely needed when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting. I have divided these things into two categories of “Must have items” and “Luxury items”

Must have items:

  • Weightlifting shoes
  • Wrist wraps
  • Tape
  • Knee sleeves

Luxury items:

  • Weightlifting Straps
  • Tights
  • Weightlifting Belt
  • Pre workout
  • Post workout
  • Kick-ass gym bag


Must have itmes:

Weightlifting shoes – These bad boys will help your squat in ways that you would think it is magic. Most people are restricted in their squat by their poor ankle flexibility and the higher hard heel increases the range of movement in our ankle join. This allows our knees to travel further forward resulting in a more upright torso.
On top of magic flexibility gains, this weightlifting shoe has a hard sole and is therefore the perfect surface for lifting heavy weights. The last thing we want is a soft and wobbly running shoe to do our 200kg Back squat on!
– Can be bought online or in the sports specific stores. Recommended brands are Reebok, Nike, Adidas or Inov8.

Wrist Wraps – Our wrist is the most fragile joint on our body and it handles as much weight as any other. Most people will at some point in time run into a little wrist pain due to stress on the joint. We can help support it by wearing wrist wraps and taking away some of the stress. When shopping for Wrist wraps you have two options. Either the old school, but still very functional, Velcro Wrist Wraps, or the new cloth wraps which we sell in our reception at CrossFit Sands.
– Can be bought in CF Sands or in any bodybuilder store that sells supplements and equipment.

Tape – Simple white adhesive tape to wrap around your fingers to save them from blood blisters and the likes. When we lift we use hook grip. When we use hook grip we kill our thumb unless we wrap it in tape. This does not need to be fancy tape, any adhesive tape will do.
– Can be bought in CF Sands or any pharmacy like “Life Pharmacy”

Knee Sleeves – Just as our wrists our knees take a big beating when weightlifting. We catch a lot of weight in the bottom position of our squat and bounce it out of the hole. Knee sleeves are perfect for giving our knees a little extra support and to keep them warm in between sets. For most people it is an absolute must to have.
– Can be bought in CF Sands or in a few selected stores around UAE.



Luxury items:

Weightlifting Straps – These are used to perform heavy deadlift movements, snatches and clean pulls. It is not a necessity, but if you want to lift HEAVY, you will need to get a pair of these.
Straps works by taking the weight out of our hands and holding on to the bar for us. Make sure you speak to your coach before using them for snatch as this requires a little training and technique.

Tights – A rough barbell continuously rubbing against your quads can leave you red, bruised or even scared. It is very good to have an extra protective layer between you and the barbell.

Weightlifting Belt – Sometimes a squat, a clean or a deadlift can get so heavy we need a little support on our midline. The belt is great to help us get that 5% extra weight up, but you cannot rely on it every time you lift. Use the Belt for 1-2RM attempts and leave it when you do normal strength work.

Pre workout – Coffee just does not always cut it when you have to move several hundreds of kilo around. If you need a little pick-me-up either because it is early morning and you just woke up or you came to the gym after 9 hours in the office and you cannot motivate yourself Pre workout powder is the way to go. Brands like N.O. Explode, C4 and Jack 3D will get you going in no time! … Make sure you start out easy. It kicks if you are not used to it.

Post workout – When you are done working out you have to make sure your body gets what I needs to rebuild what you spend hours destroying. Hitting a quick protein shake after a workout is a great way to make sure you refuel with proteins and carbohydrates. Just make sure you do not try to supplement yourself out of eating real food. Nothing beats a good steak and some broccoli!
The brand you use does not matter much. Just notice that some brands contain a high amount of calories per scoop which is a no-go if you are trying to lose weight. Personally, I go for Syntha6 chocolate – It is cheap and it tastes great.

Kick-ass gym bag – If you want to look good and organized when you rock up to the gym you have to have you stuff sorted in a kick-ass gym bag. Normal bags are fine, but if you really want to be organized you have to equip yourself with a bag that has 100+ small rooms and compartment. This bag needs capacity to hold all of the above + all your CrossFit equipment and that is no joke!
Make sure you empty it for all your sweaty equipment every day… otherwise it gets real nasty real fast.

That is all for this post about Weightlifting equipment. Just remember that every man and every woman has his or her own taste, so make sure you try some different stuff out and find what you like the most. I went through 3 different weightlifting shoes, 5 different wrist wraps, 2 different belts, 2 different knee sleeves and about 1 million different types of tape before settling with what I have and use today.
Ask me or any of the other coaches if you need guidance, we are here to help!

Now get out there and lift some heavy weights. It might seem scary at first, but I promise there is absolutely nothing like PR’ing your snatch in your new fancy weightlifting shoes. Trust me!

/Coach Mikkel