Training over the holiday season

Its that time of the year again……

Should you stop training over the festive season ?……
Is it necessary to over indulge in unhealthy food, alcohol, etc ? ……

We all know how it goes Decembers starts off great your sticking to your nutrition goals your training consistently and then it happens, the early Christmas office parties, the nights over at a friends place before they all leave for the holidays…. and you skip 1 or 2 days training here and there. You find yourself rationalizing thats it’s the start of the festive season so we can just eat a little less healthier….. Before you know it your bang on mid Christmas and you’ve not trained in 2 weeks, you still have the big Christmas day indulge to deal with never mind the massive blow out for new years. Some of you might say oh come on Oreo its Christmas…. 🙂 (Bex is gonna kill me)

And yes you are right I agree on having some down time and spending it with your family and friends, and you can do all of it just keep a balance. How awesome would it be to not go into the new year hating the weight you’ve put on over the last 2 months, feeling you like you have to motivate yourself to get back to training. Here’s a couple of tips…….
You’ve trained hard and heavy over the last few months so even if your not lifting heavy weights use it as a time to deload and reset.
If your traveling, go for a run or grab your skipping rope and do some Double unders (#atjoseph) there are about a million body weight Wod’s online that you could do anywhere even if its cold outside…..there is literally no excuse for not being active. Even if you take your dog for a run.
Start the days off right, don’t skip meals because you know you going for a massive lunch and then you end up doing hungry and you eat everything you see.
No one is holding a gun to your head telling you what too eat, every decision is your own to make.
Drink water….. no really just drink more water over all 🙂
The key to remember about indulging is to be fully mindful when you are. This means focusing in on the flavors, texture, smell, and every other little thing you love about it. When you’re mindful of the experience, even a little can go a long way.

Im definitely not saying don’t have fun and enjoy the festive season and the new year, just remember how hard you have worked to get this far.

We look forward to seeing you guys set some massive goals for 2017 !!!!!!

Oreo 🙂