Toes To Bar Progression

The video gives you the progression to Kipping toes 2 bar.

I feel like people find they can get their toes 2 bar very quickly without the kip and then spend a long time not practicing the Kipping movement because they feel like they can RX the movement already. It’s fine to do it without the kip, but you can do it a hell of a lot faster with it.

Anybody who does have the extra swing- take a step back and build up. If you are unable to get your toes 2 the bar, then spend some time working some lower abdominal exercises to build strength in the core.

Other ways to be efficient include;

– Keeping your leg straight during the Kipping portion particularly in the superman position

– Keep your legs together throughout the movement

– Keep your thumb wrapped around the bar at all times

Good luck

Coach Joff