To Compete or Not…..

To Compete or not…….


So the Crossfit open is fast approaching, and I’m sure we will be getting a lot of questions about whether we think you should do it or not.


The short answer will be yes, most definitely.


A few weeks ago I took part in my first Individual CrossFit/fitness competition, and it blew my mind. I was seriously apprehensive about it and whether I wanted to go ahead and enter. Joff & Cyrus, convinced me to do it. I was no where near the fittest or strongest of the girls competing, however arriving there between all the different range of athletes I did not at any point feel “what am I doing here”. It’s only once you try something different and give yourself that extra push that you realise what you are cable of and that your hard work and effort while training does add up. Participating is sooo much better than watching.


Why you should do the CrossFit open in 2016


The Open is a chance for you to see how much progress you’ve made all year long by dedicating yourself to coming into the gym regularly. Over the course of the five weeks as the different workouts get announced, you will be able to see where your strengths lie and your weaknesses will most likely be exposed – and we all have them, don’t worry.


But the Open is not all about competition – it’s about proving to yourself that you can do it.  Most of our community is not looking to go to the Games, but they are always looking for ways to better themselves. The Open is an opportunity for you to celebrate all your hard work from the past year and cherish your health by going out and doing your best. It’s an opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest worldwide sporting events with your CrossFit family.


Every year when the Open rolls around, we see someone do something they didn’t think was possible – perhaps it’s their first snatch with a barbell, their first muscle-up in a competition, setting new PRs left and right – the list goes on. Ultimately, what it’s all about is people setting their mind to do something and going out and achieving it. People walk away from the CrossFit Open feeling inspired and motivated, ready to set goals for the upcoming year.


Coach Oreo