The new-old focus of CrossFit Inc.

In recent months there have been changes to the perceived priorities of Crossfit as an organisation. The cancellations of the regional format competition, the announcement of Crossfit Partnered competitions and the ‘Crossfit Health’ initiative have all taken place in the last few months. Bellow we will discuss each change and I will outline my own personal thoughts on the changes.

The launch of ‘Crossfit Health’, alongside the introduction of the CFL1 M.D. (an L1 course exclusively for doctors) is a signal of intent from Crossfit inc. to continue the battle against chronic diseases. Chronic diseases currently account for roughly 75% of the health care costs in the USA. It is widely accepted that lifestyle factors play a major role in the prevention and even curing many chronic diseases. Crossfit has always had the message of promoting improved health and fitness through diet and exercise. The launch of ‘Crossfit Health’, and the refocus of Crossfit media’s team onto health, seems to be a shift back to the original message of Crossfit, to move well, eat well and avoid dietary sugar. In my opinion, the largest benefit of Crossfit, and the diet it promotes has always been improved health for anyone who complies to the program, irrespective of age, gender or sporting background. This is the message that affiliates around the world should be promoting. Improvements in body composition and ‘Fran’ times are great by-products, not the main goal.

The cancellation of Crossfit Regionals Events was met with mixed reception from the wider Crossfit Community. The regionals events were well attended across the globe, giving athletes the chance to qualify for the Crossfit Games. I was lucky enough to judge at the regional event in Madrid and the atmosphere was electric. I will miss the regional events, as they were always good from a spectator perspective, however the new competitive calendar announced should provide plenty of entertainment.

Crossfit Inc. recently announced numerous Crossfit Sanctioned events to replace the Regional Competition. The competitions will be held in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and right here in the UAE. The increased number of competitions will give athletes more chances to qualify for this years Crossfit Games. The changes also mean there are more opportunities for fans to see their favourite athletes compete in person. Personally I am excited to see the changes to the Dubai CrossFit Championship, as it now offers multiple qualifying spots to the Crossfit Games. This event will be great to watch, and will promote Crossfit in the region.

The message from Crossfit, and from its affiliates, has been and always should be to promote health and fitness with a program that promotes general physical preparedness. Competitive Crossfit is great, pushing the limits of human potential is inspiring and great to watch. In my opinion, the competitive competitions pale in comparison to the effects the Crossfit training methodology has on thousands of people’s lives. Crossfit Inc. are trying to hold true to the bigger picture. Crossfit is for anyone looking to ‘get off the carbs, and off the couch’.


-Joe Pearson, CF L1 Seminar Staff