Setting measurable goals in CrossFit and logging your Progress

So the other day my phone gave me the “your memory is full” thing ?  and I thought I could probably delete some of the notes I’ve made, and boom there is was, dated 5th May 2014

Weight = 57kg
FRAN = 6:50
Green & Red Band

I could not do a single pull up unassisted and it took me almost 7 minutes to do 21-15-9 of Thrusters with a 45lbs bar and pull ups with 2 bands that would now be enough to catapult me through the roof of the box. My Fran time now is 5:50 with 65lbs and RX pull ups and I am 7Kg’s heavier #gains. It is by no means an amazing Fran time, but it is progress and that is awesome. Progress does not happen without hard grind and consistency so that’s got to be added to the process too.

Why is this important? Well while we are coaching we can see all the small progressions you guys are making, like rope climbs, double unders, pull-ups, all sorts, however it is important to have a space to log your progress and to set yourself some deadlines on goals. We use an awesome system called “WODIFY”, (you know the one you all use to reserve your spot in the classes before you come in ☺ *hint hint*). It is an excellent system to log your lifts, times and scores. It is so good to redo workouts and go back and see how far you have come. We often redo the benchmark (girl) wod’s, go over and log it in even if it was not RX.

Get a WOD book if you like old school paper like me. Or use your apple, android, Samsung, Blackberry or whatever electronic device you decided to be in to ☺ There are loads of apps to log all your stuff; set measurable small goals and chip away at them one at a time. Make yourself accountable to someone and make sure you get the work done to get to that goal.

Hope it helps to see that we all started somewhere and the struggle has been just as real for us coaches, from where we all started, as it is for you.


Cool Beans