Sands Fitness KIDS

Kids, Preteens and Teens Programs

If anyone were to do a search on CrossFit they would be inundated with images of adult males and females with big muscles lifting heavy weight. While this is certainly a part of what professional  athletes do to train for competitions, CrossFit for children is a far cry from these images. The CrossFit Kids program is designed to safely introduce children to the world of fitness with the goal of instilling a lifelong love for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

At Sands Fitness, we offer three age and skill specific classes that focus on helping kids to develop a passion for fitness.

Kids – The Kids’ program is designed for children ages 5-10. The main focus is to have fun while helping to enhance children’s body awareness. Play based activities and games are used to create a fun atmosphere. Children work together with partners or as a group, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and encouraging good sportsmanship. Exercises performed are primarily body weight based movements, with occasional use of minimal additional weight (max 5 pounds). All classes end with a game emphasizing that fitness is fun.

Preteens – The Preteens’ class is geared towards children ages 10-12 years old. Children begin to learn techniques for barbell and gymnastic movements using minimal weight and scaled movements. They use our training bars (5, 10 and 15 pounds) for barbell movements and learn the progressions for gymnastic movements. The emphasis in these classes is to build a strong base around correct technique. This becomes the foundation for when these children near adulthood and their bodies are ready to do more advanced movements with increased amounts of weight. These classes finish with a group activity or game to help keep things fun and create a unity among participants.

Teens – Our Teens program is for ages 13 and over. The emphasis continues to be correct technique in all movements. The main difference between the Preteens and Teens class is that once technique has been mastered in barbell movements, these young athletes are allowed to start building a safe load under supervision. All beginners will start with training barbells and scaled movements and work towards mastering their skills and technique.

The Kids program at CrossFit Sands is in full swing and we have truly amazing kids who come ready to work hard while having lots of fun.

Coach Bonnie