Ripped Hands Are Not Cool

Hi guys, just wanted to give you some help and ideas on how you can avoid ripping your, hands which can be fairly common when doing regular CrossFit sessions.

1 week after our Murph challenge in May, I was still struggling with my sore, ripped hands and I heard lots of grumbling around the box which tells me I was not alone. So here are a few tips for preventing and fixing those nasty tears..


  • ADJUST YOUR GRIP – This won’t completely rid you of callouses but it will reduce them. I remind you a lot during class, but using a full gymnastics grip on the pull up bar is much safer and more comfortable than a “suicide grip” and you are less likely to tear using this full grip. Similarly, if you usually grip the barbell with your palms, try using the base of your fingers instead. The aim is to reduce compression between the bar and your skin. Callouses are actually unavoidable in CrossFit, we are constantly mixing sweat, chalk and bars and the more we work the bigger and harder the callouses become which takes me on to the next tip


  • FILE AND/SHAVE – use a pumice stone or foot file. I like to get a corn shaver on mine too! A good time to file and shave is after a bath or shower when the skin is a little softer. File until there is no more hard edge. It will still feel thick but it should be smooth.


  • MOISTURISE – invest in some good hand cream. If your hands are already ripped, after cleaning them, a balm such as ‘Rip fix’ or ‘Wod welder’ are very good at helping the wounds to heal. If it’s particularly bad you can get an antiseptic cream or spray from the pharmacy and keep the wound clean and covered until it dries and hardens.


  • TRY GRIPS – gymnastic grips can be helpful in protecting your hands, we will soon be restocked at the box so you can ask at reception about ordering yourself a pair and measuring your hand for the correct size. Alternatively you can make yourself some grips using athletic tape. Speak to one of the coaches for help.


  • BE PREPARED – use the above information to make yourself a little kit to keep in your gym bag ready for that dreaded day when we program 100 toes to bar or bar muscle ups ?


Your pack could include antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream/rip balm, gauze, bandage, athletic tape, scissors and nail clippers (for the skin flap – trust me!!)

Don’t wait for your hands to tear guys, start looking after them now!

Happy WODing ?

Coach Bex.