Questions on Nutrition and Training Answered


Questions on nutrition and training answered by coach Cyrus


1) Why you have to “eat to lose weight” ?
2) Why women who do CrossFit will put on weight in muscle at the same time or before they lose weight in fat – so their weight goes up before it comes down and why this is a good thing. Also that they are unlikely to suddenly turn into extreme professional female body builders….
3) Why using barbells and doing strength training is important for everyone e.g. Older folks and women and not just young men who want big muscles. Why not just got to a regular gym and use machines.

4) Response to common criticisms of CrossFit…

i) Low barriers of entry to become a “CrossFit qualified coach” and what should we be looking for in terms of experience and qualifications in our Crossfit coaches and box owners when we have to go somewhere other than CrossFit Sands.

ii) High possibility of injuries, especially doing technical compound
Lifts for high reps or as part of a metcon or when fatigued- how do you guys minimize injury risks?