I have been at the Box for around 4 months now, which technically means I am no longer the ‘new’ coach, which means if you address me as the ‘new coach’ then it’s probably a good indication that you haven’t trained in a long time. In all seriousness 4 months have flown by and I feel completely settled thanks to the team of coaches and management at CrossFit Sands and of course to the members. Here is a little insight into the current programming.

Strength Program

We are currently on a strength cycle which will take us up to Christmas time before we begin again in January. The Cycle is called the Wendler 5-3-1 and it is a basic strength program focusing on 4 compound movements as well as assistance exercises. I have done this program a number of times in my own program as well as programming it for clients and I always almost see good results from it. When I say almost I mean it works, if’ you follow the program consistently from start to finish and don’t miss anything out because you feel tired or couldn’t make it to the gym. If you miss a session, then it is up to you to make up whatever you missed on another day. Like I said, this is a great program and has a great reputation so trust the process. In terms of the rest of the week, we will always focus 1 day on Olympic lifting technique and another day more on metabolic conditioning to give us a well-rounded and varied program.


Conditioning Class

Monday and Wednesday is generally going to be Olympic Lifting and Strength days therefore we will provide members with a separate conditioning class in our new outside area should they want to focus more on cardiovascular health as opposed to technique. Depending on your goals I would urge you to give the lifting and strength classes a go even if I isn’t your favorite as these have great benefits and should not be neglected, however I realize not everybody enjoys learning the technique.


Remember Frequency (turning up) is the most important thing to reach your goals don’t over complicate it.



Head Coach