Notes From The Coach

Notes from the coach as many of you already know, I went into hospital on Tuesday 9th Feb to undergo Hip Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery on the hip). I don’t want to bore you, but basically I had a torn labrum which is the ring of cartilage in the hip socket which needed gluing back. This is from a previous footballing injury I sustained years ago, which I never got treated properly.



I know there are people suffering from injuries at the moment in the box and I just wanted to give you some advice on how I have recovered from injuries and more importantly how to prevent injury.


A) First off, if you have injured yourself and it hurt when you exercise- you need to rest. There are plenty of alternatives we can give you as a coach when an injury is healing, however in that first 72 hours of an injury your main focus should be on resting, icing and compressing the injury to prevent any more inflammation. You will not lose any ‘gains’ from missing a few CrossFit classes, however if you do not rest in the early stage the length of the injury will be longer, which may start to affect your training.



B) Once it feels like the injury is healing, come back and start training, but do not do any exercise which may aggravate the area- otherwise you will begin back at stage 1. This sounds very simple, but if you have hurt your ankle, don’t run on it!! If you are unsure of what exercises you can do or how you should scale a workout, speak to a coach-that is what we are here for.



C) The other thing you could speak to a coach about is how to rehabilitate your injury. I have some knowledge of injuries that I can use to implement a program for you to follow to get back to full fitness. This will probably require you to set 10-15 minutes before your session to go through a program. If it is something I am unsure of or something I feel is more serious I will refer you to someone who has more knowledge such as a physiotherapist.



D) That extra 10-15 minutes around a session is the best time for you to go through some pre-hab. Which is to prevent injuries occurring. Foam rolling, stretching and some isolated weight training are all great ways of avoiding injury. We also have the crossover symmetry (the colored bands on the rig) which is a great tool for resetting poor posture and increasing strength around the delicate rotator cuff muscles. I would look to include this as part of your training at least once a week, and if you are unsure how to use it, again ask a coach.



E) If you have any aches or pains that you are unsure of come and speak to a coach. We have had our fair share of injuries through competitive sport so between us we can give you tips that helped us.




I think it’s important to note that competitive CrossFitters (you are regularly competing in local competitions with aims of making the regionals and the games) like any sport has any element of risk and injury is part of that. However, if you are coming to classes and training to keep yourself fit for life there should be no reason for you to be injured. That comes down to the programming, the coaches and more importantly the time you take to look after your body inside and outside of classes. Any questions come and find me and my crutch in the gym, probably doing some bicep curls!!




Coach Joff