New Year motivations

Happy New Year!

So it’s the new year and if you’re anything like me you’ve got a few wobbly bits left over from Christmas (#noregrets!) so My Fitness Pal has been downloaded with Cyrus on speed dial and you’re focused on knuckling down to consistent training to whip yourself back in to shape.

If you need an incentive or a goal to keep you focused, you may have seen on FB that Altitude are hosting a throwdown in February for those more experienced athletes, but for EVERYONE, an exciting upcoming event is of course the CrossFit Open which also starts in February.

At Sands we love the Open, nobody more-so than Coach Oreo 😉 And we encourage everyone to get involved and come throw down every week, whether in the Rx or Scaled division. It’s a great opportunity to test yourself, show everyone what you can do and also teach yourself what areas need more work and attention.

The Open workouts are announced every Thursday night, and we will have allocated classes over the weekend when athletes can come down and be judged so that they can submit their score by the Sunday afternoon. Members can also get involved with the judging by taking the online exam. It is a lot of fun and although most of us don’t aspire to reach the Games, it is very cool to get in to competition mode and throw down with our box mates. We will have a box score board too to keep it interesting and spicy within our community.

It’s really easy to get involved, sign up online for 20$, do the workouts, submit your scores and you will be ranked in relation to your peers in your age division, region and country.

So get WODing! And as always if you need any help, come chat to one of us Coaches.


Coach Bex.