MODding and Fomo

The human body is a weird and wonderful piece of machinery. Just like your car it needs a service and maintenance every so often and every once in a while, it is not going to run like it did 5 years ago. Injuries and “niggles” are bound to come about, that’s the nature of being human. We get a little bit older, little bit tighter and less interested in giving our body that service. For us CrossFitters we are pursuing being better humans and pushing our limits so they are bound to happen. Of course we want to avoid them at all costs but what do we do when these annoying speed bumps rear their ugly heads?

Here is a step by step guide of what you can do:


  • When identifying if you have injured yourself or if you have just pulled up sore from repeated WOD’s there are a few things to look for. Did you feel anything “GO” when you performed the movement? Are you generally sore 1 or 2 days after the workout and have DOMs? Has it been lingering for a few days or weeks?


  • If you felt something “GO” seek the advice of a coach and if we feel it needs a closer inspection then seek professional advice (Physio or Chiro) to diagnose your injury. If you are generally sore from a WOD then ask your coach for recovery and mobility advice. This may include an active recovery day, trigger ball therapy, barbell smashing and any other release work. If it has been lingering for a while and you can’t remember the cause, again seek your coaches advice. If release work does not alleviate your symptoms then again seek further professional advice.


  • Once your health practitioner/physio has an idea of what your injury is, we can work in conjunction to return you back to full function. If you are not injured but are carrying general tightness and soreness we still need to allow your body to rest and heal itself. This brings us to the concept of Modifying WOD’s!! Your physio can give us an idea of movements to avoid and we will Mod workouts to ensure you are safe and will not irritate the affected area. Just because you are modding does not mean you are missing out on what is written on the board. We will find ways to provide you with a similar stimulus from one movement to the next. For example: if your shoulder is giving you dramas and the workout has a power snatch programmed we can change the movement to a power clean. You are not going overhead and risking further injury and you are still developing hip power and a skill. Embrace modding!!! You will even be able to do movements that otherwise wouldn’t show up in the regular class programming.


  • With all injuries or “niggles” you must give it time to recuperate fully. Keep updating your coaches of your progress with your health professional and when you can start re-introducing certain movements. Keep your coaches updated if you feel less tension or soreness in your once affected area. When we bring movements back into your program it must be done so in a controlled manner. This means light weight, low reps and while you are not under large amounts of fatigue. Control and good technique comes first otherwise you face the risk of re-injuring yourself.


  • If your injury is well on its way to improvement and movements have been re-introduced we must also explore why it occurred in the first place. If it was an accident or something out of your control then so be it. If it has to do with your body compensating somehow or you having an imbalance then “maintenance” exercises need to be added into your warm ups or post-workout routines to avoid these in the future. Better to do 5-10mins of activation and control exercises a day then to spend 6-12 months of rehab.


The take home messages:

  • If something is injured or generally tight DO NOT push through the pain. There is a difference between working out hard and causing further injury


  • Be honest with your coaches. We have your best interests at heart to keep you healthy. This means keeping you safe and teaching you correct movement patterns and technique


  • MODDING is still doing a workout and is FUN! You are not missing out. Enjoy movements and working on things that you wouldn’t normally do



Coach Aussie Tom