Building Mental Toughness

I want to write my blog about something that seems to be overlooked….. Mental toughness.

Why we need it and how important it is in CrossFit and life.


Some people are born tough. For different reasons each person has their own level of mental toughness. All of us come from different backgrounds and have been through many things that contribute to how mentally tough you are.


For those of us that may not have faced some of these adversities how can we work on getting better at it. Building mental toughness is just like a working muscle, it takes frequent force, applied over time, to build and develop.

What motivates you during a workout? Is it the people around you in the class, the loud music or the clock ticking away….. ? These things are great, but if they become a necessity what will you do if they are taken away?


A very simple way to start building some mental toughness,


  • Try a workout with no artificial motivators, whatever that might be… For me personally that would be music and other people training around me. (We all know how much I love my music…….Aka Justin Bieber)


  • Go to that place where you don’t go often. Some people call it the pain cave, a very dark place, whatever you call it, make sure you go there, This place is what mental toughness is all about, and you can’t get there without it. The point is to push yourself a little further each time. Go to that place and stay there for as long as you can – until your mind and body force you back out to reality. You will become tougher each and every time you do go to that place. Eventually you will have a nice bit of real estate in the pain cave and you will know what mental toughness is all about.


This is something we got glimpses of during the open and I loved the mental toughness we saw from you guys (especially 16.5) With this I’m not saying that we should be absolutely dying every single day during the WOD’s however challenge yourself to dig a little deeper and let your mind over ride your body.


Coach Oreo