Members Post by Deeba Tamim

One cold chilly morning during the 6 am class we were stretching and Coach Joff mentioned the next blog is being posted, so I came up with an idea how about dedicating one blog a month from a member and obviously I got nominated to do the first one. I personally thought it would be interesting to hear from members about their journey, goals and experience at the box.

So here goes my journey.  I have always been into fitness and over the last 15 years did a lot of running.  My knees eventually started to give in, so I had to reduce the running and think about doing something else.  I did some research in the area I live (green community Motor city) and remember visiting a few of the gyms in the area.  One day during my weekly shop at the local Spinneys I saw the Crossfit Sands poster and the rest as they say is history 🙂

I clearly remember when I started which was in October 2014.
I came straight from work and strutted into the box with my dress and heels, feeling instantly out of place.  I met Coach Cyrus (these days it is Video Star Cyrus ☺) .

My goals were simple I wanted to build strength and tone and being a typical female I didn’t want to bulk up! Cyrus was great and explained everything about Crossfit and so I hesitantly decided to take up the free class. I came in the next day (thinking strike while the momentum is still there) for the 5 pm class and remember it had burpees (no one can forget their first burpees), which nearly killed me!  I was in awe of all the other members thinking wow they are so fit.  I spoke to a few, as well as asking Cyrus at the time how many classes should I do to be effective. He said about 4 and mentioned some members do 5 a week! I did a crazy yell and said no way can I manage to do 5 classes.  Well I have to eat my words now, as today I manage 5 classes, 2×5 km runs, 1 boxing class and 4 x 1 mile runs with a weighted vest!  I am sure I could squeeze in more but that’s another goal yet to be set!

Why do I do it? Its simple Crossfit is varied and there is something different every day – especially now that we have the indoor and outdoor workouts to focus on specific areas  You don’t get bored.  The coaches are great and each bring their own flare/expertise/personality to the class – and no I don’t have a favourite coach as for me they are all great.

I have learnt so many skills, some which I am good at and others I continue to push myself to do better and yes there are some that I am totally rubbish at!!!

I never give up and I try never to nag.  I am there every morning at 0530 (sometimes the door is not even open ☺ ) not because I have to but I want to.  If I ever miss a day it is for a good reason and on the day I miss I feel out of sync because working out is so part of my daily routine.  I follow the example set by the coaches about being consistent and disciplined. Even when I had my shoulder injury for 9 months, I never stopped as the coaches just reworked the program for me and were really patient. That’s what I love that they take the time out to this for their members and keep us encouraged and motivated even when we have an injury.  I could have easily exited out and used this injury as an excuse but that’s not me and I would encourage others not to stop because of an injury but to continue each day and do as much as you can.  One day you will be back to where you were.

Even when I travel I ensure I do something just to keep the stamina consistent.  You feel less guilty especially when we all over indulge on holidays.

The vibe, the people, the coaches are an integral part of why I come to the box.  We encourage each other and laugh at the same time.  If someone does not come for a few days, you get into a habit of asking about them and making sure they are ok.

After 2 years and as one of the longest members and probably one of the oldest too, did I achieve my initial goals?  Hell yes 🙂 and I didn’t bulk up – I can still hear Oreo and Bex telling me several times “do you know what it takes to bulk up, so stop worrying you will never bulk up”

What’s next for me is to continue pushing my limits.  Contrary to belief I am not a competitive person and I only do what I want to do to push myself, as at the end of the day I do this for ME.  Its not about numbers or time for me, its about can I do this to the best of my ability. I never used to participate in the throw downs but after doing my first one last year I thought wow this is fun and got encouraged to do more of these.

I am also lucky that my husband enjoys fitness too and at one time he was a member (he continues running and working out and using the skills learnt from crossfit at our community gym).  This helps if you have a partner who needs encouragement as well as giving you the same.  Plus we have two dogs and that keeps us active too.

From initially starting a 5 pm class then moving to a 7 am class and now 6 am consistently, I think I may as well get a set of keys to the door since I am getting here even earlier but I have to say 5 am 5 km run is my limit now, as the dark circles under the eyes are beginning to show ☹
Be consistent, have fun and every now and again listen to the coaches :-). Only joking – without our amazing coaches we would not be able achieve our goals.  We have a great bunch of people who smile and are friendly and motivate each other.  A good morning/evening goes a long way.  I pay it back to new members joining and make them feel welcome and give them the same encouragement the members gave me when I started.  There is nothing worse than not feeling part of the team so I do my part.

One last goal!  Although I am a healthy eater I still want to educate myself on better nutrition.  So I am hoping to catch video star Cyrus one of these days so he can teach me the tools of the trade.

This is my journey so far ☺ and I will continue to Redefine My Limits.