Magnesium supplementation is common ground for athletes and sportsmen/women. The big question on everyone’s mind is “would this supplementation benefit the common folks”?

Below facts will give you a better understanding:

  • Nearly 300 essential metabolic reactions reply on magnesium. (1)
  • Deficiency in magnesium is associated with many pathological conditions.
  • Magnesium is also directly related to sleep quality.
  • Although magnesium is associated with better sleep quality it does not have a sedative effect
  • The research suggests that magnesium is beneficial for people who are sleep deprived and have a low dietary magnesium intake. (2)
  • There is evidence that magnesium exerts a positive influence on anabolic hormonal status, including Testosterone, in men. (3)
  • Magnesium is also linked with assisting carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  • Magnesium can be found in leafy green vegetables, avocados, bananas, apricots, apples, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, salmon, mackerel, black beans and lima beans.

Therefore, after looking at the benefits, especially on its effects on sleep quality and testosterone, you may benefit from magnesium supplementation. Make sure to read the labels and take the correct dosage.  The standard dose for magnesium is 200mg per day and doses up to 400mg can be used for males and athletes who sweat a lot.


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Coach Cyrus