“It’s warm, not hot. Hell is hot”

So summer is here and it’s pretty damn scorchio even if Coach Joff won’t admit it!

Training in the heat is not always enjoyable and the moans and groans about running outside have been coming at us since June when the weather was merely moderately toasty, but now that it is infact sizzling out there, here are some tips to bare in mind for those dreaded runs…

  • You won’t die – heat illness is rare even in endurance events and we are only really programming short bursts of outdoor running. That being said…


  • Listen to your body – stop exercising and come back in to AC if you experience any lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, or if your body isn’t sweating – the body maintains a safe core temperature by sweating, if the sweating ceases, you may be over heating and experiencing some heat illness.


  • Slow down – Don’t expect to perform at your usual beast mode level on super hot days. It’s ok to slow it down a pace. In fact, research has shown that the brain protects the body from over exertion in the heat by monitoring the core body temperature and preventing it from rising to dangerous levels. So even if you feel like you are smashing yourself, it’s likely that your body is taking it a little easier in the heat and would allow you to perform better on a cooler day.


  • Dress well – As much as I love them, I’m not talking about a slogan tank here. As sweating is our body’s cooling mechanism, it’s important to dress in clothing that allows us to sweat. Thick cotton t-shirts aren’t the best bet for this weather as they trap the heat against the body, instead, it’s time to invest in some stay dry/dri fit/cool max type apparel. Or go for the ‘Tops off training’ vibe, a la Joff and Mikkel 😉


  • Hydrate – it’s important to drink during hot workouts. Drinking water will help keep your blood volume regular which in turn keeps your sweat rate high and will also enable your heart to deliver more oxygen to your muscles.


  • Stop moaning… Nothing else to add here really. Haha!

Just generally try to roll with it. We live in an amazing city, the weather is usually a highlight, it’s only a few months of suffering! And we are all fit and well so have nothing to really complain about.

Enjoy the training.

Yours drippingly,

Coach Bex.