I dont have time to train

I have found that the more blogs I write the more real I get. I find that I am talking from experience and telling you things that you need to hear rather than want to hear.

Now I realize that people lead very busy lives and have a lot of responsibilities that may stop them from going to a gym or leading an active lifestyle- this blog is more to encourage people to look at what they are currently doing and seeing if better time management will allow them to prioritize their health.

When I hear someone say that they are ‘’too busy to work out’, what I actually hear them saying is ‘’I am prioritizing other things more than my health at the moment’’.

Now what tends to happen is something like a holiday is approaching or a New Years resolution, and they then prioritize exercise and find time to work out. Exactly the same amount of hours in the day but now they suddenly have time compared to before- I think you know what I am getting at.

Let me keep this real simple and give you some ideas on where you might be able to free up some time if you are one of those people who are ‘’To busy to exercise’’;


–          Snooze less

Getting enough sleep is very important but let’s be honest, we can function and go about life on 5-6 hours of sleep if we need to- particularly when it means we are improving our health. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up and train before work. This also means you don’t have to worry about something coming up in the day that may stop you from working out. Win Win!


–          Stop watching TV Series

If you adopt the first point it may mean you have to go to bed at a reasonable hour to make sure you get enough sleep. This may mean you can’t watch 2 episodes on Netflix every night before bed, what a bummer! If you have a genuine goal like losing weight you need to ask yourself is a TV series more important than being healthy.

–          Cut down on social networking

Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and other social media are great fun and also great tools however the amount of time you waste on these platforms could easily be spent exercising or sleeping. Try to cut down on the amount of time you spend on these (this includes when you are working out) and you will have loads more time to exercise or prepare your food for the next day.


If the goal isn’t that important to you then these tips may not help you but don’t be one of those busy people that use the excuse of not having time when someone who is busier than you is working out every day.