Hydration: Why is it important?”

“Hydration: Why is it important?”

Your body needs water to survive. FACT! Your body uses water to maintain its
temperature, lubricate joints and remove unwanted waste. It helps with brain
function, aids digestion, improves immune system and keeps your muscles strong.
What should I drink?
Plain water is usually a good start. However, sports drinks filled with carbohydrates
and electrolytes are very good to help improve energy levels and enhance
performance, especially during high intensity workouts. REMEMBER… Energy drinks
are not the same as sports drinks. Energy drinks usually contain large amounts of
caffeine and are extremely high in sugar (not want we want).
How much should I drink?
There is no exact number as each person requires more or less than the next
individual. Below is a simple breakdown of how much water you should consume on
a daily basis. Make sure you drink a little more during the summer to keep up with
the desert heat!

Body weight Water
45kg 1.9Ltrs
50kg 2.1Lts
55kg 2.3Lts
60kg 2.5Lts
65kg 2.7Lts
70kg 2.9Lts
75kg 3.1Lts
80kg 3.3Lts
85kg 3.5Lts
90kg 3.7Lts
95kg 3.9Lts
100kg 4.1Lts

Am I dehydrated?
Things to consider on a daily basis include, little or no urine? Dry mouth? Dark urine?
Sleepy or fatigue? Always thirsty? Headache? Dizziness? All these symptoms can be
avoided by staying well hydrated during the day. Take action. And drink plenty of

How to stay hydrated?
 Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Buy a reusable water bottle so you
can keep filling it up.
 Add a slice of lemon or lime for better taste.

 Start hydrating as soon as you wake up. If you struggle to remember, simply
have a pint of water with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Good luck!
Coach Sam