Hold yourself accountable in order to be successful.


Find something or someone to hold you accountable to your goals. I want to give you a couple of points and use some examples I like to do personally, to hold myself accountable in regards to my own training and then I want to give some other examples on how you could apply something to yourself.

Remember, what works for me is based on my type of personality and may not work for you.

My way of holding myself accountable revolves around being a leader in the environment I am in. Many of you know not long ago I rowed a marathon and then a couple of weeks later rowed 100k (because the marathon didn’t hurt enough).

This is something I had wanted to do but I kept on delaying it and finding excuses not to do it. Then finally one Thursday evening I told Cyrus I would do it, and he posted it on the gyms Facebook group. Now normally I would plan on doing the challenge and wake up in the morning and talk myself out of it, but this time was different, this time people already knew I had agreed to do it (and said it was crazy- which made me want to do it more).

This directly related to one of my fears of not following through with a challenge and showing weakness which is why I jumped on the rowing machine and completed 100K in 8 hours and 42 minutes. Massive shout out to Zahi and Craig who joined me for this huge challenge who also held me accountable.

Ways of holding yourself accountable;

  • Make a bet with friends or family (it has to be someone as motivated or more motivated than yourself) to achieve whatever it is you want and continuously track and reward each other’s progress.


  • Use social media, set yourself a goal and track your progress through that, no one wants to fail in front of a larger audience.


  • Invest money into something you enjoy. Lots of people are motivated by money and, in particular, not wasting it. The initial investment will seem like a lot but you know that it will hold you accountable.


  • Sign up for a challenge you perceive to be out of your comfort zone and train towards it and remember at all times that ‘’failure is not an option’’.


Accountability is something we believe in at CrossFit Sands. When you sign up for a membership we hold you accountable for turning up and smashing your goals, which is why if we haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks we will call you to find out where you are.

If you want to get even more accountability, come and make a personal bet with 1 of our coaches.

I challenged our member Rory to a race to 500 Calories on the air dyne. I trashed talked him all the time to add a bit of fun to the challenge. He smashed the bike every single day, until the challenge and has since beaten my best time and lost a tonne of weight in the process (I am coming back for him though).

Seriously though get some accountability and stop trying to do everything by yourself.


Coach Joff