Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping


Anyone in the pursuit of a better physique need’s to have his or her grocery shopping routine sorted. The week ahead of clean eating and staying on track is totally down to planning and preparation. The start of all planning and preparations begins at the grocery store. Here are some shopping tips to keep you on track:


– Keep a lookout for local food stores/ farmers markets that deal with fresh organic produce. Not only do these stores have the freshest produce, but you can also make a fun/educational family day out of it.


– Make sure you have a shopping list before you head out.


– Eat a meal or snack beforehand, so you will be less likely to buy unhealthy food items such as cakes, cookies and chocolates.


– Everything you put in your shopping cart will get eaten sooner or later, so the number 1 rule here is only buy what is required for your clean eating plan. Nothing more.


– Shop at the same store each week, that way you know where your favorite items are and which part of the store to avoid.


– Stick to the outside of the store where all the fresh vegetables, meats and fish live.


The food companies spend millions to market their products and entice you into buying them, as the food industry itself is a billion dollar business with profits as the main goal. Most of the packaged bulls**t they sell is not good, it might have been food originally, but by the time they have finished coloring, preserving, bleaching and enhancing it cannot be classed as a food source. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves, read labels and to be aware of what goes in our bodies.

Stick to eating fresh produce that has grown naturally and that anyone living 200 years ago would have recognised it as food. People from the 1800’s would recognize Apples, Potatoes and Salmon. Just imagine if you offered Tertiary butylhydroquinone, Monosodium glutamate and Aspartame to our ancestors… they would probably think you were talking a different language! These preservatives, flavor enhancers and sweeteners are consumed daily in the modern world.


Coach Cyrus