Fitness and Sickness

Unfortunately, my family has been riddled with viruses for the last couple of weeks and it seems we are not the only ones! So as I lay on my sofa in my pjs, surrounded by tissues and honey and lemon, I decided to write this week’s blog about maintaining your fitness through illness.

It is possible to maintain your fitness through minor illness and even come back stronger than before. The trick is to know when to work and when to stay in bed!

What it comes down to, basically, is do you feel up to it?

Generally, if your symptoms are confined to above the neck, i.e. A runny nose, stuffy sinuses, exercise is fine. But if you are carrying a fever, vomiting, flu or any other upper respiratory infection, avoiding the gym and minimizing the extra stress on your body will promote faster recovery.

It can be frustrating and even soul destroying to skip the gym sometimes, but try not to stress about it. It takes about 2 weeks of inactivity to lose fitness, so 3-5 days completely off to recover from an illness is no big deal, you will get right back into your routine without too much hassle. Besides, if you allow yourself to stress and worry, you will make it harder for your body to recover. 

The best advice would be to rest, stay hydrated and eat healthily until your body has fully recuperated.

During those days when you’re sick, but not “sick, sick”, the best exercises to do would be low impact – walking, jogging, yoga or skill work as opposed to a WOD. Moderate exercise can boost your immune system so long as it’s appropriate. But be considerate and avoid the gym! You hate being sick, and so do your gym mates. Take your workout outdoors or stretch at home.

A good motto I once heard is 

‘You’re better off under-trained and well rested than highly trained, but not feeling 100%’

Training when under the weather, you’re probably only functioning around 50% of your potential and your mental toughness will be on the low side too. Whereas, if you train even to 80% of your potential, but feel good doing so, you’re better off.

Healthy wishes 🙂

Coach Bex.