As the only Mum on the team, I have decided to write about the sometimes-unfathomable task of training with the kids.

Most of you will know that I have two children, Maya recently turned 5 and Isaac is 3. They are in Foundation 1 and 2 school. They are loving, they are beautiful, they are funny, they are clever…. they are exhausting!

My life is a juggling act. I get tired. Sometimes I miss a training session. Sometimes I pack the wrong snack/jumper/book for school. Sometimes I feel like a great coach, but a rubbish Mum, sometimes I feel like a brilliant Mum but a poor Coach. But every now and then, it all clicks! Overall, I love it and I wouldn’t change it.

I am often asked by other mums how I find the time, what my training entails, what I do with the kids while I’m working, and I am sure the other parents in the box will relate to the following advice that I give:

You won’t FIND the time, you must MAKE the time. Whatever is good for you is good for your child so you shouldn’t ever feel guilty. Exercise is a great stress reliever and will give you energy that you can extend to your family. Plus, we lead by example, it is important for health and fitness to be normal for our children.

Sometimes my days feel never ending, but I guess that’s the same for everyone. What is awesome in my case is that both my jobs are so rewarding.

Coach Bex