DOMS! Delayed onset muscle soreness


So we are in our 4th week of our open prep, gymnastic training and with all the members throughout all the classes, we are seeing real progress being made which is awesome!
What we are also seeing though, which is less awesome, is sore bodies!
Many members of our community have complained about experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) so here are some tips that should help ease the pain..

1: Rehydrate.
The general rule is to replace the amount of fluid you lost during your workout. It’s difficult to measure this, but a quick check of your urine will act as a good guide. Dark apple juice-like pee = drink more!

2: Massage.
Working out and especially weight lifting causes small tears in our muscles which results in the pain and stiffness we feel. To minimize the DOMS we need to flush out the waste and increase the blood flow to the area. Foam rolling is perfect for this and adding heat can help in those times that even foam rolling is painful as it relaxes you and allows you to take the pressure deeper.

3: Compression
The theory behind wearing the super tight compression tights, shorts or shirts is that it pushes the blood through the veins, helping you slow fatigue. Research shows that a significant grade of compression can also enhance recovery. **2xu on speed dial!

4: Sleep
Your production of GH (growth hormone), which is your body’s natural body building chemical, increases during deep stages of sleep. Try to get at least 7 hours of good, uninterrupted sleep at night to properly recover.

5: Eat
Eat high quality food and enough of it. Your training efforts will diminish if you’re not eating the right amount of macro and micro nutrients. Aim to eat 1 gram per lb of body weight of protein per day and eat your carbs around the workout, this will help you recover.

Hope this helps with your soreness (and mine). Happy training!

Coach Bex.