CrossFit Sands Code of Conduct

This one will be short and sweet…… Gym Rules 🙂


So in general a CrossFit box has a few different rules compared to your average globo gym. So here’s a few we have in mind to help improve the quality of yours and other members workout.


  • Dropping Barbells with less than 25lbs plates on the bar *CRINGE* this actually damages the bearings that give the bars there lovely spin…. also only drop on the lifting platforms.



  • Once you have finished the wod, encourage others to finish. Also help each other put all the equipment away, ensuring the box is setup properly for the next class.



  • Reserve into class… not just the “known” busy classes, wodify is awesome use it. If you are sure you are going to make the class then go ahead and sign in, just remember to cancel your reservation if you’re not going to make the class at least 2 hours before the start of the session.



  • 5 Burpees per minute that you are late for class (just to get you warmed up)



  • Had a sweaty day? Have a shower or freshen up before coming in, if you’re a sweater bring a towel.



  • Celebrating a new PR is a must…… shout if you need to, but let us know.



  • Leave your ego at the door, technique and form first, then the weight.



  • Tell a coach about any injuries or discomforts you may have, so we can adjust the workout accordingly.



  • Respect the coach’s final decision and also listen while we are explaining the daily program.



  • Be situationally aware of people lifting around you, especially if it’s the Viking Mikkel 🙂



  • If you’re not doing the class, ask the coach on the floor what area is free for you to use



  • Don’t be a chalk MONSTER we know who you are *Wink*Wink*



  • This last one is really important to me….. SMILE and enjoy the work you’re putting in.


Thanks to the guys that are always helping us out to maintain these rules and keep a happy friendly environment at the box.


Coach Oreo