Crossfit Open 2017

With the open just around the corner some of you might still be asking  “To Do the Open or Not…

Just incase you’re not quiet sure what the open is ……..!

The first stage of the CrossFit season is the Open, where one workout will be released each week, for five weeks. You may hear your coaches encouraging you to sign up for the Open so that you can test your fitness and compare yourself to everyone else worldwide.  The open is geared towards ALL members of boxes, regardless of how far along you are into your CrossFit journey.

I personally absolutely love the open, I love the way it brings the community together (more on the logistics later), I love the way it pushes everyone to push their own limits and challenge themselves. I have never walked away from an Open WOD feeling like I should not be a part of it.

Each WOD has 2 divisions, RX & Scaled which you can mix up as you wish, however once you have submitted a ‘scaled’ score for any of the workouts, all your scores will be placed on the scaled leader board. The workouts are released on a Friday morning at 5 am, with 17.1 starting on  February 23rd, 2017. We will be running the Open workouts indoors on a Friday morning from 08:00 to 11:00. Regular Open Air classes will be running outside if you dont quite feel like doing the Open.

If you have registered and want to submit your scores onto the CrossFit Games leaderboard on-line, you will need a judge to mark your workouts so you will be required to attend the Friday session. We would also like to ask if you are expecting to be judged to please go online ( ) and do the judges course yourself so that we can get through the workouts and have a fair amount of judges. If for any reason you really cant join in on a Friday morning and you need to be judged you will need to organize a time with one of the coaches to judge you outside of class timings.

We will have the white board set up in the box as a score board too, so if you have not registered on-line you can still do the workouts and pop your score up. It is absolutely my favorite time of the year….. (more than Christmas) and I think every one should take part and surprise themselves.

If you are still unsure about wether or not to sign up, come have a chat to one of the coaches 🙂

Im also sure if we ask RX Andy nicely he will take some pretty sick photos too 🙂

Coach Oreo