Believe & Achieve

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the CrossFit Kids & Teens coach at CrossFit Sands. I moved to Dubai from the USA two and a half years ago with my husband, Steve, and our 4 children Liam 13, Meghan 11, Owen 9 and Molly 6. I took over the Kids program this past August and have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with our young athletes.

My family’s CrossFit story began a year before moving to Dubai. While at a local fair, Liam saw a booth for a local CrossFit box and wanted to check it out. He took a whirl on a rower, tried some pull-ups and a few other exercises. Much to my delight, he announced that he wanted to do CrossFit. Liam has never been the athletic type. Much of this stems from the fact that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, which has been associated with low muscle tone (making gaining strength more difficult). So, when he wanted to start taking CrossFit Kids classes I jumped on it. My boys were hooked after the first class and within no time I saw many benefits of them participating in CrossFit Kids classes: increased confidence and self esteem, strength and endurance, having the chance to socialize with kids outside of school, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

I joined CrossFit Sands in February of 2015 a few months after settling into Dubai. I, like my boys, was hooked after the first class and dove head first into training. Within a few weeks all 4 of my children started taking classes with Oreo. In addition to gaining strength and mastering movements, we noticed that they were learning life skills as well, such as pushing themselves to do their best and being able to tackle problems that seemed daunting. They’ve learned that having a strategy and sometimes breaking up the work can lead to success. Whether it is continued progress and confidence for Liam, stronger arms for swimming for Meghan, increased power in a baseball swing for Owen, or just plain fun for Molly, they have all seen many positive benefits from participating in CrossFit Kids.

Because of the positive influence CrossFit has been for my family, I decided to get my CFL1 certification in order to then become a certified CrossFit Kids trainer. Being able to work with children and help them reap the rewards that I saw my own children gain had become a goal for me. One of the things I love about CrossFit is that it is a sport for everyone with its scalability, community atmosphere & mixture of movements. It’s something kids of all abilities can do together.

This week is the first week of Term 2 for our kids and teens program. It has been great to see all of our young athletes return after the holiday as well as welcome some new children to our program. Some exciting changes beginning this term are child memberships, Wodify access for young members, classes designated for our older teens, end of the term progress reports, as well as some fun activities that we have planned.

We have put up a chalkboard wall in the box for all of our young athletes to set goals for themselves. At the base you will see the new motto for our program, Believe & Achieve, which comes from a write up one of our young athletes did in our logo design contest. My hope is that with the support of myself, their parents and their peers, through practice, increased strength and confidence, our young athletes will achieve their goals.

Coach Bonnie