Awesome Community

My blog this week isn’t a fountain of knowledge, more a big hug to our awesome community following our super successful Throwdown.

Last Friday was an absolute pleasure to be part of. The WODS, programmed by Joff, were spot on, the event ran smoothly with teamwork from my fellow coaches, and looking around the box at different points in the day, it was all smiles.

A massive congratulations to everybody who took part and pushed themselves to the limit, it was fantastic to see you all showing how far you have progressed and cheering each other on. Great to see some PRs too. And, of course, congratulations to our victors, Kristina, Alex, Jacky and Ray 🙂 The scores were close, the assault bike WOD was a particular nail biter for the spectators! But our winners were well deserved.

Also a round of applause should be given to Abi, who was awarded our ‘spirit of the games’ title, for her incredible heart and enthusiasm during all the events, even when faced with Cyrus as her judge!

The BBQ afterwards, hosted by Uncle Cyrus, was also a great success. Thank you so much to Cyrus for opening up his beautiful home and garden to us all. 

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to bring everybody together and welcome new members, the atmosphere and community vibe was epic, as was the good provided by The Paleo Cafe at the Cycle Hub. Such a shame that some were missed, but there will always be a next time.

There are incredible photos of the event on our Facebook group, some of which I will be stealing for our Instagram WOD announcements over the coming weeks!  Big thank you to Julian, Bogdan and Lucie for capturing the energy of the day so brilliantly! If you haven’t had a chance to check the pictures out, I recommend you do so, there are some gems!

So well done and thank you again to our amazing community. CrossFit Sands wouldn’t be the same without you.

Bex 🙂