A Day In The Life of Coach Oreo

I have an unusual Job, in case you’re curious about what a typical day is like for a Crossfit Coach like me. We work different schedules and most of you have seen us all running in and out of the box at different times. Sometimes my alarm goes off at 4:30am, other days I’m mostly up by 6am to get ready for the daily grind.  I’ve made a short Vid of what a typical Wednesday looks like for me….. Up at 6am… But first coffee. Once I’ve got that part sorted I get all my stuff ready for the day.

I mostly train in the mornings when I coach evening classes and then swop over and train in the evening when I’m on mornings. Most of my days revolve around coaching, training, food prep, coaching kids and feeding my husband. And then of course all the fun bits in between like staff meetings with our awesome team and doing the endless amount of sweaty laundry from training outside. The vid is what a “Active rest day”  looks like. Other days will obviously have a lot of heavy lifting. I won’t go into too much detail about my day, you can just go watch the video. I would not change a thing about my day ……. Ok, maybe the laundry and dishes, but I love my Job and what I get to do all day.

Coach Oreo