6 Tips to make you better at CrossFit

Here is a list of things that I have picked up or learned over the years of doing CrossFit that may benefit your performance, help you to reach your goals or just generally make things easier when you are training at the box. Take a look and if you can use any of these tips, that’s great.


Hook grip

  • This is the strongest grip that we can use when we are pulling a barbell. In a complexed lift such as a snatch, the weakest link throughout the movement tends to be the grip which is why it is important to establish a hook grip like below
  • Yes it is uncomfortable to begin with but like the front rack position in the beginning, the more you do it the more used to it you become
  • When I did the CF weightlifting seminar, they actually stressed the importance of the hook grip at the start of the seminar and said to anybody who didn’t want to use it that they may as well not do the course (those guys know their stuff)


Above- Hook Grip, Fingers go over the thumb


Keep your hands dry

  • Tearing your hands is a very common occurrence in CrossFit for everybody because of all the gymnastics and bar work we do on a regular basis. Ripped hands can ultimatly mean less training
  • I have found recently that the more chalk I add to my hands through the workout, the more likely I am to tear
  • What I find works better than adding layers of chalk is to just try and keep my hands dry by using a towel (or my t-shirt which has usually fallen off by then). I find that as soon as my hands get really sweaty I am far more likely to tear.


Pacing yourself

  • Learning to pace yourself during a workout in order to get the most reps or fastest time is a skill
  • Always feel like you have an extra gear to hit in a longer workout, this way you know the pace you are going at is sustainable
  • If you go off too fast in a long workout, you will be in a dark place for the remainder of the wod, however if you pace it right and spend the last 5 minutes of a gruelling chipper in the dark place you will achieve maximum efficiency.


Widen your grip

  • Gripping the bar narrow close in cleans, jerks, push press and pull ups is very common
  • If you can learn to widen your grip everything becomes easier as there is less distance to travel (ask a coach to look at your grip)
  • Take the time to slowly widen your grip to avoid straining your shoulders.


Unbroken sets to avoid extra reps

  • If you have a workout with something like Push press, where you have to take the bar from the ground, try to hit the repetitions in as little sets as possible.
  • For example 10 Push Press- rest slightly longer before to hit 10 in 1 set rather than go straight into it and risk burning out
  • If you break the set down a lot you end up doing extra work having to clean the bar up each time which is wasting a lot of energy, particularly over a long workout.


Don’t show your pain face (my favourite)

  • If you are competing against someone, don’t show any weakness.
  • If you pull pain faces, make loud noises or keep breaking sets up this may give your competitor just enough motivation to add 1 more repetition or run a little bit faster to beat you.
  • Make them believe you have more in the tank even if you don’t
  • This works the other way- if you sense weakness from a competitor pounce on it.


These are all things that I have found have helped me when training and not necessarily gospel. Feel free to adopt some of these methods to improve your training and ask myself or any of the other coaches for more info.


Coach Joff