REGIONALS 2018 by Sam Clark

Regionals 2018


Dreams come true
Since starting CrossFit in 2014 I have always had a dream to compete in the
CrossFit Games Regionals. It is something only a small percentage of individuals get
to do and I was lucky enough to share this incredible experience on a Team this year
with friends.
It all starts with the CrossFit Open. Five workouts over five long weeks where the top
15 Teams in Europe qualify for Regionals. We had a tough opening week finishing
34th on the leader board. With a lot of determination and several repeats we managed
to pull things back and grab the last spot, qualifying 15th in the European Region
(lucky I guess).
I spent most Saturday nights in the gym. Hours upon hours of training, working on
weaknesses and simply trying to improve everyday to reach one goal – qualifying for
Hard work, commitment and sacrifice! Three words that pretty much summarise what
it takes to qualify for Regionals. Hours of training alone, commitment to your
programme, Coach and diet, and turning down several nights out with friends. But it
was all worth it!

We flew over to Berlin a few days early to get settled in before the competition. It all
kicks off on the Thursday when you arrive for registration. Everything starts to
become very real when you’re standing beside Games Athletes such as Lukas
Hogberg, BK Gudmundsson, and Sara Sigmundsdottir in the warm up area. Athletes
you admire and look up too from YouTube documentaries and all of a sudden you’re
competing on the same floor as them (it was pretty cool). Registration done! It was
time to go back to the hotel, fuel up and get ready for day 1.
I won’t go into detail for each event but I can tell you each one was hard in different
ways. Days 1 and 2 were somewhat struggles. We under-performed and felt
slightly disappointed with our start. Our events were on first each morning, which
meant we had very little time to warm up and get ready (very annoying). There’s also
a 15-20 minute wait after you warm up until you actually get onto the competition
floor. This isn’t ideal as you cool down and your heart rate drops back down to
normal. However, it was all a learning experience so I know exactly what to expect
next year.

The final day was simply perfect for us. We won our heat in Event 5 and finished
second in event Event 6 which was a great way to end such an incredible weekend.

What’s next?
I would love to go back to Regionals next year on a Team. Hopefully I can find
likeminded individuals to go on this journey with me. I have also give myself a target
to qualify as an individual in 2 years time. I still have a few holes in my game that I
need to address. However with the right mind-set and hard work I’ll make this new
goal a reality.

Coach Sam