About Sands Fitness

Who we are

Sands is a community based gym based in Motor city and we are passionate about helping people redefine their fitness limits! We offer a range of different fitness programs and packages including:

CrossFit Adults

CrossFit Kids, PreTeens & Teens

Personal Coaching

Boxing Fitness

Individualised Small Group Sessions

School ECA & Field Trips

Whats important to us is that we find the program that will best fit your fitness needs. We encourage you to give us a call and book a time to chat to one of experienced coaches so we can find out more about you and how to guide you in the right direction to acheive your health and fitness goals.


Our ultimate goal is to get you addicted to a healthy lifestyle and to continuously redefine your limits.

Call us for a free taster session  or come visit Sands Fitness and find out why we aren’t your average gym!